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Starling Nesting Box

Birds will find your backyard more attractive to visit if they can find shelter. By providing birdhouses you are taking the next step from feeding transient visitors to encouraging birds to take up residence in your backyard and raise a family.
In many New Zealand suburbs there are becoming less and less natural nesting spots. The large trees that used to provide branches or cavities in which to build a nest are disappearing at an alarming rate so the birds are having trouble finding safe places to nest, or even roost in inclement weather.
Watching a pair of birds flying back and forward carrying their nesting materials, food for their young, and finally the chicks leaving the nest is an interest that the whole family will become involved in.
An often overlooked benefit to bird houses is that the parent birds will catch many of the insects in your garden to feed to their young.

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Starling Nesting Box
WIDTH - 140mm
HEIGHT- 250mm
DEPTH - 160mm

Cost - $38.00

Drainage holes in base which can be unscrewed for cleaning.
Mounting screw supplied

Starlings are probably one of the easiest birds to attract to a nesting box. In New Zealand farmers have been using Starling boxes since 1862.
Nest boxes should be erected in summer if possible, because Starlings will start looking for nesting sites well before the following spring.
Gardeners love these bird as they will remove grass grubs, slugs, snails and other pests

New Zealand Wide Freight = $8.50

All timber and plywood is tanalised

Like all our products this feeder is handmade in New Zealand.



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