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About Us

 NZ Backyard Birds is owned and operated by Sharon and Keith Macleod. It is a small, family run business based on our farm in Titoki, which is a rural area North West of Whangarei

Originally we owned and operated Titoki Sawmill as a retail timber supply company
In 1994 we decided we wanted to spend more time with our growing family so we closed down our sawmilling business and concentrated fully on
manufacturing timber products.
In the beginning we only manufactured trellis, gazebos, and Play Houses for the local Northland market, but we had so many enquiries from throughout New Zealand we decided to build kitset products which we could ship quickly and cheaply throughout the country. This led to us receiving many enquiries from people seeking bird feeders and related products. We had always had an interest in feeding visitors to our own backyard so started selling those feeders and nesting boxes that we had proven success with. The demand for these products was way in excess of our expectations and with it came enquiries for other related wild bird products until the business became so great that NZ Backyard Birds was born.

For many years we have been concerned with the departure of  wild bird species from New Zealand backyards as the urban sprawl covers more of their habitats. In many areas the large backyard with a couple of trees has gone to be replaced with home units or apartments.
We live in a country area with many bird species as our companions and are constantly amazed when our town visitors enthuse over a wild bird that, in our childhood, was common in most suburbs. There is something sad in watching children hear their very first Tui or see their first Fantail and know that in their own backyards they are missing something that we once took for granted.
The aim of NZ Backyard Birds is to not only be a successful small New Zealand business but to also foster and encourage the feeding of our wild birds and the creating of habitats in New Zealand backyards that will help to reverse the decline in our bird numbers.

We pride ourselves in offering a very personal service with all our orders, no matter how small or large that may be. We make all our products to the highest standards we can, and to the standards we would expect ourselves.

We do not mass produce our products on a large scale, but have decided to keep production limited and completely handmade. This ensures  that we can keep the high quality and fully custom personal builds that we and our customers expect. If were not happy with something then we wont ship it. We would sooner start again and make sure its right.



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