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Fruit Bird Feeders

You can add to the variety of food that you feed your birds with this attractive handmade timber fruit feeder. This feeder features an apple shaped window with a metal skewer, where you can place a variety of fruits. The fruit helps to attract native bird species to your garden, most commonly the small Silvereye or Waxeye, but also Tuis and Bellbirds. Using one of these hanging fruit feeders helps ensure that the birds aren't in danger from cats and other predators while feeding.

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Fruit Bird Feeder (Natural)

Add a Fruit Feeder (Natural), for only $20.00, to your purchase of a Tui Bottle Feeder or Tui Feeder. Pay no extra postage.


This attractive timber fruit feeder is made out of tanalised pine and is unpainted

Like all our timber products this feeder is handmade in New Zealand.

Height - 220mm
Length - 170mm

Width - 45mm


PLEASE NOTE If you are sending this feeder as a gift, please ask and we can include a card with a hand written, personal message at no extra cost



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As winter approaches and the natural supply of bird food dries up, you can attract all sorts of native birds into your garden with these attractive Fruit Feeders
Apples, oranges, Kiwifruit, and bananas all work well to ensure that the wild birds in your garden have enough variety  of food to help them survive the winter months

These Fruit Bird Feeders make delightful and practical decorations for any gardens.

If you are looking for an attractive gift with a difference, a fruit bird feeder is just perfect for any occasion. We can include a delightful hand written card with a personal message if you require.


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