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Online credit card payments

NZ Backyard Birds is now able to accept online credit card payments for most of its products. At this stage we are only accepting these payments on items that have a set delivery charge.
We use Paymate to process online credit card payments.
Paymate is similar to the US Paypal system, but is based in New Zealand and Australia and conducts transactions between banks in New Zealand dollars.

PLEASE NOTE - you will leave our site and enter the secured Paymate site for credit card transactions.
All Paymate transactions are conducted in 'secure sessions' using the financial industry's Secure Socket Layer (SSL) standards with 128-bit encryption. You should check that your browser is compatible with SSL encryption. This is usually indicated by a 'closed lock' icon at the bottom of your browser window.

You will not incur any fees by using the Paymate service; all transaction fees are absorbed by Titoki Sawmill.

Your credit card details are not viewed by us or any person except you during the transaction. The credit card details are encrypted and passed directly to the bank. To find out more information about this site's security information, please visit Paymate's Privacy & Security Statement.

NZ Backyard Birds only receives information about your name, email address, postal address, amount of transaction etc. We are not sent any information regarding your credit card or bank account number.

All payments using this system will appear on your credit card statement as being paid to PAYMATE GLOBAL INC

Paymate NZ Limited, Company No 1830057 with registered address c/o Gosling Chapman - A Division Of WHK (NZ) Limited, Level 6, 51-53 Shortland Street, Auckland, New Zealand. Paymate NZ is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Paymate Pty Ltd.

For more information please contact us or Paymate



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