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Suet Feeders

As our cities and towns sprawl further into the surrounding countryside, the amount of birds the average person gets to see each day becomes less and less. Native birds just cant survive in our cities where their natural food supply has been removed and the ground that supplies so many species of grubs and bugs has been covered with buildings and concrete.

Today more and more people are discovering the delight of feeding and watching the birds in their garden. It is a past time shared by all ages, especially the young and the old. By supplementing the birds diet with extra food, you are in effect, able to  maintain a falsely high bird population in your garden.

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Suet Feeder
These Suet Feeders makes a smart attractive addition to any garden. They are ideal for attracting and feeding small birds to your garden.

Using a suet feeder you protect the birds from cats while they are feeding and don't attract mice or rats as you do when bird feed is put directly onto the ground
They are designed to take either two slices of bread or a suet block. The top board slides up the rope to allow for easy insertion of the bread or suet

Suet is a good food to offer birds in the winter because it is a high energy, pure fat substance which the birds need in winter when food is hard to find and birds need many more calories to keep their bodies warm.

Wire mesh can be removed for easy cleaning

Like all our products this feeder is handmade in New Zealand.

All timber and plywood is tanalised to ensure they last for many years. Rope is included

WIDTH - 65mm
HEIGHT- 150mm
LENGTH - 230mm

Cost - $20.00
New Zealand wide Freight = $8.50


Suet Feeder Plus Wild Bird Energy Cake



Suet Feeder Plus Wild Bird Energy Cake
Topflite's Wild Bird Energy Cakes offer your New Zealand wild birds an immediate and important source of energy essential for survival, particularly over the winter months. They contain only the highest quality ingredients including vegetable fats, peanut flour and wheat flour. These nutritious treats attract most species of wild bird and can be fed from our Suet Feeders They are a simple, no-mess solution for winter bird feeding.

Once your wild birds get a taste of these energy cakes you will be amazed at the number of wild birds that feed on them. I know we were. The wild birds really love these tasty treats!

The energy cakes come in two different flavours, Wild Berry and Nutty Peanut.
Ingredients - Vegetable fat, peanut flour, wheat flour, and flavour
Product contains no meat or meat derivatives

Weight - Approx 300gm

Suet Feeder Plus Wild Berry Energy Cake - $26.50
NZ Wide Freight = $8.50

Suet Feeder Plus Nutty Peanut Energy Cake - $26.50
NZ Wide Freight = $8.50

Wild Bird Energy Cake
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Suet Recipe
Suet is the hard white fat found around kidneys and loin cuts of meat. You can get it as off cuts from your local butcher or if you can't face handling the real stuff you can get lard or dripping in block form from your local supermarket.
Cut the fat (suet) in chunks and place in saucepan on a low heat until it softens. It is important to do this process slowly so that you don't overheat it and change the nature of the fat in any way. The fat doesn't have to become completely liquid, at the point at which it is the consistency of a paste you can take the pan off the stove & stir in a bird seed and sunflower mix. Let the mix cool until it is of a consistency suitable to spoon into whatever mould you choose.
 I find an ideal way is to pour about 25 - 30mm of the mix into a plastic ice cream container. When the mix cools you can remove it from the container by turning it up side down and pushing down on the bottom.
Store in the freezer until ready to use.

Adding different ingredients to the mixture before it cools can make it more attractive to birds and supply them with extra energy.

  • Dried Fruit

  • Chopped, unsalted nuts

  • Honey

  • Peanut Butter

  • Kitchen scraps. (Bread, biscuits, cheese, pasta, rice, vegetables, cooked potatoes, pet biscuits, cereal)



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