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Window Bird Feeders

This is one of the best types of bird feeders we have come across, they have kept the whole family entertained for hours.
 Window bird feeders have suction cups that allow them to be attached to the window glass. Birds are attracted to the seed inside the window bird feeders and allow you to really get up close to feeding birds without leaving the comfort of your house. There is something fascinating about sitting so close to the birds while they feed.
Window bird feeders are ideal for the whole family but particularly elderly, housebound people or for children

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Window Bird Feeder (Timber)

Add a Window Bird Feeder (Natural) , for only $23.00, to your purchase of a Tui Bottle Feeder or Tui Feeder. Pay no extra postage.



Add a Window Bird Feeder (Natural) PLUS 500gms of Wild Birdseed Mix, for only $26.00, to your purchase of a Tui Bottle Feeder or Tui Feeder. Pay no extra postage.

This timber window feeder sticks to the outside of any convenient window, using two strong suction cups.
Made from tanalised timber and plywood this feeder will give the whole family pleasure for many years.

Like all our products this feeder is handmade in New Zealand.

WIDTH - 140mm
HEIGHT- 210mm
DEPTH - 110mm
2 x 37mm suction cups
Normally shipped in 2 pieces. Assembly requires 2 screws (supplied) to be tightened into pre-drilled holes


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"Just to let you know how well the window feeder is working. It took the birds 3 days to find it and another 2 days to get used to me sitting and watching them from the other side of the window. Now I have them there all day and am starting to recognise individual birds by their markings and behaviour."
Carrol M Auckland

"Hi Keith
I received the bird feeders yesterday morning and am most impressed with your speedy dispatch of them and the delivery. I am very happy with the feeders and how well made they are. They are to be Christmas presents for my special needs son and I know he will be most delighted with them and will enjoy watching the birds feed."
Many Thanks Regards Robina

"My 80 year old father has discovered another interest in life besides his television. When we talk to him now the conversation is all about what the birds are doing and not about some programme he has watched. I cant be more pleased with the effect the window feeder has had on him and will be looking at one of your other feeders as a xmas present for him"
Mrs J Clarke S Otaki



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